SMUGA Studio

interior design

SMUGA Studio

Interior design of private apartments, public and medical spaces, windows display.

My name is Ewa Smuga and I am a leading designer in SMUGA Studio. We deal with a complex interior design of residential and commercial spaces. In our work we often reach for innovative concepts, breaking the widely used and perceived schemas. We are very happy to undertake to design projects that could provide a kind of challenge, and that is for us another opportunity to continue to improve creativity. We create to be able to surprise ourself. Our clients are private individuals and public institutions that are seeking architectural solutions at a high aesthetic level. We are creating projects which improve the brand and personality of a private investor. We invite you to design a unique design using your tips and our experience and skills.

| Academy of Art in Lodz, Visual Arts
| Technical University in Lodz, Design
| L’Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Amiens in France, Design – scholarship

| Awards from Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
| Special awards from Paradyz Ceramics
| Awards from Art Factory in Lodz
| Awards from Midas Company

| Tchibo Sp. z o.o.
| Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital in Lodz
| Pamso S.A. Meat Plant
| West Bank WBK
| ProHotels
| Eko-Top Laundries



Sarmacka 15 Street, Warsaw, Poland
+48 504 374 682